Providence, RI
June 2015

This renovation provided offices and counseling space to a non-profit family services organization that provides psychological and social support. The interior takes advantage of several skylights to create calm, light-filled spaces and clear pathways of movement between reception, waiting, and counseling areas. 


For the end users--families in need of psychological counseling--DUAL prioritized a private, dignifying experience as the primary design driver. To those ends, efficient technical solutions (mechanical, acoustical) slipped to the background, integrating the fabric of the airy early-20th century industrial building into the character of the new spaces. This office renovations foreground the clients and inhabitants: we let what goes unnoticed by most attest to the design's success.


This project was fast-tracked and had to meet stringent technical challenges, including HIPAA privacy requirements and acoustic isolation for private counseling rooms. Acoustic caulking and insulation was utilized at the tops of existing beams and at wall penetrations, and gypsum board between counseling rooms and mounted on furring channels to deaden sound transmission. 

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