Providence, RI

PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event that sees citizens of over 100 cities transform metered parking spots into temporary public installations. In 2015, DUAL built a studio-on-the-street fabricated from recycled snow fencing. In 2016, DUAL created an interactive sound installation from an array of PVC pipes. In 2017, DUAL experimented with using light, shadow, and color to define an inhabitable space.

The fun of the day is carrying on our work from the “office” of a parking space. Colleagues and neighbors, students and friends drop by while we explain the installation and its purpose to curious passers-by. Parking day proves that the street is where community happens.

PARK(ing) Day is an experimental dialogue of urban public space, exploring how temporary art and overlooked urban niches can enhance the public realm. The act of appropriating a spot meant for a single vehicle, and filling it with the activity of dozens of people, normalizes the idea of reclaiming urban space for the community it is meant to serve. For one day every year, the event highlights the sociability of the street while automobiles take a back seat.


Our team of three prefabricated the installations in our office, which early in the morning were disassembled, pushed into the elevator, and reassembled in our designated spot, all while the street remained open to traffic. The challenge of having to ensure the constructability and robustness of even this minimal, temporary installation reminds us of the thorough planning and physical work needed to bring any design into reality.


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