The Relaunching-Our-Website Post

It’s kind of a pain in the ass, having a website.

As we found when we set up DUAL three years ago, you'll spend way more time than you should to figure out a domain name, register it, find a host, design the templates, and fill it with content. By the time that is done, you'll need to set up your social media presence to get traffic to the website. By the time that is done, the things you didn't quite get into the site before launch will need to be updated. By the time that is done, you’ll realize about 20 things wrong with the concept, and you'll to start redesigning the site you designed less than two years ago (does this sound like a well-known children's book?).

So in these rare moments when the treadmill comes to a stop, we can appreciate what we've done together. The initial design by Angela Hang created a spare, uncrowded feel. Ricardo Torres-Malicki's organization and updates a year ago greatly expanded the site's content. A group of trusted friends urged us on to bigger visuals and faster navigation. And over the past two months, Elizabeth Austin's thoughtfulness, persistence and handiness with code somehow wrangled all these inputs into a calm, handsome and scalable design.

We hope you like it. Until the next redesign...


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