This project rearranged the interior of a three-story frame apartment house built in 1925.

The residents of this Boston-area condominium are a family juggling irregular schedules, small children, and frequent stays by family members. The house's former configuration did not ease daily living: all bedrooms and the one bathroom were on the third floor, with laundry in the basement. This modest renovation added a laundry area, guest bedroom with walk-in closet and a full bathroom on the second floor. A new window in the guest bedroom lights a small sitting area that enhances the space and privacy available to overnight guests. 

DUAL’s intervention repurposed the interlocking L-shape sectional condition to provide more privacy and functionality, but did not radically alter the original plan, which our analysis showed already used space with maximum efficiency. Since the project involved assigning sleeping, bathing, and work functions to various rooms on two floors, DUAL developed a “room menu,” a typology of spaces to enable the clients to prioritize certain configurations and spatial needs.


The interior of this 1925 “Philadelphia-style” triple-decker was enlarged by 20% through the removal of a staircase and cutting through a party wall to capture former lower-unit bedrooms for the upper unit. This reallocation makes the owner’s upper unit more livable, while making the lower unit more rentable. The orientation of new rooms relative to plumbing chases and structural partitions was a major consideration. The original design was organized in plan and section around a soffit for efficiently delivering new air conditioning to second and third floors from a single main duct.


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